War Progression Story A Tug Of War And Icy Winds

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    This one is a quick one to allow for a catch up and sync of the main prog and battles. This should be read in unison with the world progression here: https://forums.massivecraft.com/threads/world-system-progression-5.85854/


    Harhold/Reinard Conflict

    The Naval Blockade of Kintyr

    The naval conflict surrounding Kintyr for a time has been turbulent at best. For weeks, the Harhold Navy had maintained naval superiority of the region. It was only a week ago that this was toppled and now it was House Latimer that controlled those waters. Seeing the problem here, Hengest Harhold devised a plan to liberate his 30,000 men still in the region. He sent a naval force of 14 warships to Kintyr to attack the Latimer blockade. The waves washed against the side of the ships; gulls cawing as the two forces came into sight of one another. Latimer however continued to man these ships while Harholds ships would sail to the region with no Admiral at all. This would prove to be the downfall of the liberation attempt as this time, despite Harhold having a naval force with four extra warships, the lack of coordination was not enough to break through and Latimer successfully repelled the attempt. This meant that the Harhold army would be forced to fight.

    The Battle of Coltyr

    With the Harhold 30,000 troops cut off from their expected evacuation point, the Harhold levy was forced to engage with the approaching Ariamorel force led by Emmeline Latimer while heading for the coast. Emmeline however would win out in this battle as once again, without a General to command the Harhold force, it was repelled only this time it was a significant defeat that placed the Harhold army in an incredibly difficult to defend spot on the coast of Coltyr close to Valtyr. The morale boost for Harhold was quickly done away with as the force was practically subdued into bunkering down and fighting back the force while it waited for assistance or a chance to escape.

    The Siege of Valtyr

    As Vulmar and his band of 6,000 troops entered the Valtyr region, they quickly convened with 2,000 Kreiburg troops that were directed there by Ariamorel. The force of 8,000 had one task in mind, liberating the capital. After a little adventure through some of the townlands, who were left understandably befuddled at the proclamation of the armies leader, the troupe marched on the Valtyr capital. To their surprise however, 5,000 local militia in favor of Harhold had made repairs to the capital’s defences and were ready to protect it. Still flying the Harhold banners, the troupe laid in for siege. However, it would not go as successfully as planned, as Harhold had practically used up all good wood in the area besieging the capital before, and all remaining woodland was used for repairs. So they were left at the mercy of arrow fire and very little siege equipment resulting in the force being unable to approach the walls, for now. .

    The Siege of Veerle

    The Reinard/Harhold war was a prime opportunity for many noble families and it was only a matter of time before someone else wanted a piece of the pie. The morning sun blessed the small Veer province of Veerle, a Harhold controlled region since the downfall of the previous title holders. The townsfolk went about their business; the smell of freshly baked bread filling the nostrils of many. Then. Bells. The bells rang out in harmony with yelling as a 6,000 person army sent by House Kreiburg disembarked onto the shores of the province and began a march on the capital. An immediate call to arms was made by the Harhold locals who formed a 5,000 strong local militia. This force reinforced the capital and prepared for siege as the Kreiburg army began to prepare for an occupation.

    The Battle of Vlissinghelm

    Riding on their victory the week before, the Harhold Army’s morale had increased twofold despite Mage involvement, as many refused to see that magic had won the day and rather it was the sheer “””skill””” of the Harhold levy. General Reimar Typhonus, still at the command of the Harhold host, reinforced his position on the borders of the Vlissinghelm province awaiting an attack from the Reinard army. Unbeknownst to him, although the force would march on the Harhold 30,000 troops was a reinforced host of 55,000 under the command of Deo dei Termini, the scorned General from the battle the week before, only this time he indeed had an extra 15,000 troops at his back and Reimar, this time, had no mages to assist him. This would be completely a numbers vs skill battle which commenced that morning near the village of Lageveen.

    As dawn broke, the two armies met amid farming fields. Reimar, the senior in terms of skill utilised a Calemberg styled army construction primarily in a wedge formation. His Drahl companion was once again sent skyward, getting a grasp of the oncoming force. The numbers were intimidating. Nearly 2:1 to every Harhold troop. The drums of war sounded and Deo signalled for the army to engage. The clash came hard and fierce with bodies piling on both sides for hours. The wedge formation did its purpose though, dividing the force in half and causing a divide.which prevented a full on invasion. This however was no victory for Harhold, as even though he had caused the opposing army to stall and fall back, the push of the 55,000 had again moved into the Vlissinghelm province but failed to push the troops back to the capital yet.

    Realistically, no bards would sing ballads of the “Battle of Lageveen” as it was woefully uneventful. The Reinard force, while split, did push into the province but the Military knowledge of Reimar Typhonus did assist in preventing a full march on the capital.

    Viduggla/Kreiburg Conflict

    Elsewhere in the Realm, an army of northern men was being marched upon the province of Ustyeurt numbering 7,000 strong under Ardige Viduggla. The landing was easy and simple and it didn’t take all that long for the force to organise itself under Viduggla’s leadership and march upon the 2,000 men stationed in the area who had no General to assist them. The battle occurred near the village of Barysh with casualties on the Kreiburg side numbering around 200 before they finally retreated into the capital where they dug down after being unable to escape the region due to Viduggla’s ships and Sorenvik’s unwillingness to allow them passage through their lands. The siege was set in place and the rest of the next few days were spent preparing siege equipment for the oncoming skirmish.

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