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    We have, during our time at court, been privy to its commissions, yet the Houses Delmotte and von Schwarzkrau are more than perturbed by what has been purported by Mister Hawthorne. It is true that Archduke von Schwarzkrau and I have been pursuing an investigation into Grand Duke Castley, but what we must repudiate are allegations of misconduct and criminal activities.

    Though I myself might be inclined towards more underhanded tactics if it were to mean the better good of the State and Empire, my cooperation with the honorable Archduke simply made such a thing impossible. He would never approve, nor act on any ill-gotten advances, so I would never presume to insult his confidence by employing such strategy. It is with this fact alone that everyone in the honored peerage who knows of the upstanding reputation of Archduke Howland von Schwarzkrau should know Nathaniel Hawthorne’s testimony to be false.

    Furthermore, it should be known that after the Archduke and I willingly brought ourselves to Greygate it was revealed by Nathaniel Hawthorne that he was compelled to sign the publication by Grand Duke Castley and that the publication does not reflect how he feels. This confession was witnessed by several members of House Sorenvik, House de Azcoissia, and numerous Violet Guardsmen.

    Meanwhile, Grand Duke Castley is reported to be bunkering down at his estate in fear of retribution for the crimes he has committed against the State and Empire, cowering from the reach of the honorable men and women who serve to protect our city from the likes of men like him.

    I had intended to expand upon my response, but I do believe that the publication by His Serene Grace has eviscerated Grand Duke Castley quite enough.

    Signed, Duke Markus Delmotte of Bastadon
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    It so appears, albeit I sought respite sojourning and eating cheese within family holds, that I was to be roused with a most inefficient, inept message, solely capable in the act of 'eviscerating' mine own eye sockets. Thus, much like yourself and the other fools among us, I shall commit a folly and bid mine own "response."

    Initially, I assumed, as a matter of hope or of naiveté, that your message would be a faithful endeavor to rescind the claims of your liege lord, von Swoonscrew, Alas, my prospect, sailing along with your feigned intelligence, capsized, and I was a left with a most female, peremptory remonstrance against my cousin's image.

    How can a man bereft of all facets in civility and life, including that of his very own gender, defeat a man, a masculine man, with such magnanimity, truth, and faith? A man of such diligent grace and of an unmatched pulchritude with dewy, innocent, bewitching eyes, unseen afore in this age!

    There exists a method to solve the above, and that is, in and in itself, the lack thereof. It is impossible, and if it were otherwise, an inexorable fleet of the common man would have the assailant far faster than the apple falls from the tree.

    Go on then. Writhe in your empty corner. Flock to your dying cattle. Your perfunctory cries are of no effect here.

    Lord Montgomery II Castley​
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    Sexism and Transphobia in your roleplay is not the epic own you think it is.))
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    The Baroness sat with the morning Liberato, taking a smooth sip before she glanced across the lines of it, a choke taking hold before she coughed up. Looking over to her family with the confusion painted across her face and tone.
    "What... What? No seriously, I have no idea What does this Thalic entwined gibberish even means. Did they fail to educate their kin? Can any of you translate this?"

    @RaggedyGrace @DiabloDonut @BeaneyBaby
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    “This is what occurs when a Celate does not teach even his own kin the Creed. Half these insults are divergent from unionist belief and repugnant. Perhaps the faithful must remind the Lord how insignificant his perception of gender and masculinity are to the Everwatcher,” The cleate nods looking to his statue of Vess, “I shall enlighten this fool of your teachings. No sentiment of Vierzehn darkness shall blacken this city of light.”

    (Forgot to hit reply to, this is responding to Montgomery’s Response)
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    “Please do not lump those of the Vierzehn sect in with the personal sentiments of Lord Castley. On the other hand, I’d love to have a dialogue with you sometime, your schedule permitting.”

    ((You have my Discord. Find me IC or DM me directly.))
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