A Night On The Howling Ice!

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    Come join Lyall Howlester on the frozen lake located at the Howlester Estate, for fun on the glittering ice! It's a time to properly put on your skates, and get ready for a night of excitement and indulgence. Best to come wrapped up and prepared for the frost, as the obstacle course won't show any remorse!


    There'll be lots of refreshments such as hot-cocoa and sizzling hot apple-cider, and even gingerbread cookies. At the end a winner will be announced for their effort and possible prowess on the ice, in which they'll be given a Wintertide themed gift for their efforts!


    Location: Howlester Estate.
    Who?: Anyone who wishes to skate may come join the festivities, aslong as they behave!
    When: December 15th, from 11PM GMT - 1AM GMT.

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