Upcoming Event A Masquerade At The Hotel

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    Host faction:

    Event host (player): PumpQueenEllie

    Factions that are welcome/invited: Everyone is welcomed so long as they have a mask :)

    Date: Saturday September 18th

    Time: 4 PM ADT

    Description: For many months, the Rebellion Hotel has been described as “the lonely hotel”. Your fishy friends at Lyrah wish to change that by throwing a masquerade ball! Get dressed to the nines and join us for an evening of games, food and fun!

    There will be a skin contest, so be sure to dress your best for a chance to win a prize! We will also be doing a few free for all competitions, where you can only wear unenchanted leather armor and wield rolling pins (there will be some at the event available for purchase) where prizes can be won as well.

    Rules: This is not a strict roleplay event, however if people choose to roleplay, we ask that you do not troll or interrupt.

    Everyone must remain respectful for the duration of the event. Everyone, whether enemies or allies, is welcome, so this will be a good vibes only zone. Any flaming or trolling of any kind is prohibited.

    Location: The ball will be held at the RebellionHotel

    We wish to have staff protection :)

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