A Letter To Family

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    Ss'lania stood inside her restaurant, shedding her Ailor disguise--Soren was useful, sure, but he was at the same time so, so useless. Being like that made her feel disgusting. So big, so bulky.

    She sat down at her desk, her body continuing to shift and morph... Until she was a small Asha woman. She enjoyed this body. It was small. Slender. Seeming oh, so frail. So easy to break, hiding her power inside. She opened her journal, taking great care with her claws to not shed the pages... And began to write.

    Dear sister,
    I am here in Regalia. My journey was long, but it is finally over... And I have much to tell you. I've found so many people here. So much joy to be had in Regalia--Even in the Vampire crisis, there is opportunity. People see me. People know me... Or, they know my disguises, rather. Nobody has seen me yet, not in my true form.

    I want you to come here, my twin sister. I want you to help me--To find further purpose. You always were better at this, at guidance. Lately, I've found myself at a crossroads--I covet the power of an Artifact. I crave it. I crave nothing more than to wield a mighty, flaming blade in battle, or cast forward fire, frost, or lightning. I crave the power to control the minds of others, to wield royal authority... But nonetheless, these items. They are useless to me as they are now--They'd draw so much attention. Besides, they'd interfere with The Plan.

    I've come towards a new path, my short-term goals changing. I deal in information. Knowledge, understanding. But is this my path? Is this what I should be doing? I don't know. My group certainly thinks so. They're worming their ways everywhere, into everything. I feel like I'm preparing to one day make my power play, to draw upon the extent of my resources... To complete our plan. Everything I do is working towards your plan, sister.

    And... More than anything, I want you to be here to see it come to fruition. The thing we talked about, it will happen. We will finally grasp IT in our hands. So, sister... Please. Come join me, in Regalia. I promise, it's safe here now. Safe for you, and for me, and for our group.

    You were always my rival, in a sense. Always trying to one-up me. Always trying to topple me, to be better than me. But nonetheless, our bond as siblings is stronger than anyone else's. Go on--Ithania's no place for one so sophisticated as you. No place for one so cunning, so calculating. Join me... And rise to Divinity alongside me, just like we'd always plotted. I've found the place for it.

    After years of trying, traveling across the world, I've found what we need. I can't elaborate here--If the Guards intercept it, they might launch a full investigation. Beside, you already suspected we'd need it. After all... How else could we achieve this?

    I await your message in return. Now is the time, sister.

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