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    [!] Across the common notice boards of the Crown Isle, a series of documents is pinned atop the publication of Jamesson vs. Kensley 2 [!]
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    "It seems like these days people insist on going out of their way to be toxic. For what? Does it make you feel big and strong when you talk down on certain people?

    If so, by all means, continue making yourself feel proud and inflated. It won’t change anything about the fact that the man in question is someone who has fought, bled, and killed for this Empire and its numerous wars, numerous times. Like many of you veterans out there, so too has Urijah donned the mantle of sword and shield of the Empire, soldier and guard. I won’t pretend that I personally know Urijah, but he has saved many Regalian lives, and he should not be berated for the mere act of being outspoken. Shameful, is what it is.

    If those of you that I am referring to would rather berate a man out of sheer bandwagoning rather than perhaps listen to the words he has to say, so be it. I am not personally acquainted with Urijah Jamesson, but I will be the first to set all emotion and quarrel of the past aside, and ask: Isn’t it true that he has a point?

    I believe the message Urijah was trying to send.. Is that the Empire is in a most precarious state. While the city’s military powers have been solely monopolized into the control of a single entity, House Sorenvik, the miscreants of Crookback roam freely in their ungoverned autonomous city state. Nobles stroll the streets of Regalia with unprecedented impunity, boasting and imposing their undisputed title in every conversation, in every parchment of paper, threatening to kill you if you merely mispronounce said title. More laws, and more laws, and more laws, designed to control what people can and can’t do, only for the noble assembly to suddenly disband. The Chancellor, who once entered office with unrivaled zeal and stood as a fiery beacon of hope for the disgruntled Daen demographic, has grown stagnant in light of a lack of foreign stimuli.

    As the heads of the city guard, the chancellor’s contingent, and a militarized Alms House which lacks checks and balances, I will not deny that House Sorenvik has brought about relative peace.

    And so, you may be asking yourself, is it really all so bad? Is there anything to worry about?"


    Maybe not.

    Maybe so.

    "I suppose I’ll be the one to remind you of a certain treasonous scandal revolving around the name of.. Eira Sorenvik..

    I suppose I’ll be the one to remind you of a certain crack group of enforcers that once brutalized the streets under the facade of justice… Kaya Sorenvik’s very own Hammers of Holmganga…

    I suppose I’ll be the one to remind you of the hundreds of innocent Northern citizens that were killed by their very Sorenvik rulers. Whether starved or diseased-- all in the name of fighting a blasted war against Harhold.

    I personally have nothing against House Sorenvik, but if you ask me, the type of person I want protecting me is not someone who hides and sends their servant to push out a convoluted wall of text whining about a whole bunch of cultural stuff when someone challenges them and brings on some food for thought to the public. I suppose I’m not surprised. Urijah did say he beat the man once in the past, and so.. Should we have expected this from Viggo Sorenvik and his lap dog Tyrock Menthol Meowman? Seriously, that shite looked like it was written by a Playero-- may they rot in the Void.

    Stay informed, fellow Regalians. Whether Urijah is right in what he says, or not, is certainly not up to me nor you to decide. I do, however, urgently implore my fellow Regalians to think for themselves, always, and do not let yourself be swayed by emotion, personal attachment, and personal disdain. And, most importantly, if this city truly is in the right hands right now, I would implore those responsible to show so by manning up and accepting the duel. "


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    A newly returned Noble catches the sight of this on his walk home.

    “This is the last…I tire of people speaking without a thought for what Nobles actually do.”

    a note is pinned

    Until the day you do not hide behind the mask of imprtiality (being a devil’s advocate) these words will have little merit. Until the day you have to preserve the lives and livelihoods of your fellow Regalins, your culture, and your kinsmen upon every action you make attempting to better them or the Empire: your talk is little but disrespectful barking. Stop pretending Nobility does nothing, many of us work years and hard days to earn the titles granted by his Imperial Holiness. We work to keep you and the regions we rule over alive through blight, incursion, and occult disaster.

    Another thing, I tire of people acting like it’s a noble cause to stir trouble and blacken the names of good people. Grand Duke Sorenvik has served this city longer before many of the peerage arrived and will hopefully serve it for many years to come.

    I would rather stand beside laws created to keep order and stability then the words of yourself or Mr. Jameson designed expressly to poke at Nobles. Without the slightest incling of what our purpose is and what we do to serve the Empire.

    Also the law against mistitling was made by the Emperor himself as was the idea of Crookback being a non-regalian region. It’s a territory not part of this city or given legal authority beyond being overseen by a council which administers it like a territory.

    -Lord Atum Morathes
    Celate of the Divine College of Divinity
    Doctor of Medicine​

    P.s if you bothered to take a SINGLE look at the military of this Empire you will see Sorenvik isn’t higher then many houses. The military is controlled by commoners who earned thier rank and by nobles who also must earn their rank.

    P.p.s using your own vitriol against the institution of Nobility. Doesn’t assist your own point of asking other to be impartial.
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    "...Another day, another random person set on living in the past, hoping to stir dead and dying embers back ablaze, though there's nothing left to catch. How dull." mulled a certain Triss, flicking a finger as the notice was torn from the board via arcane urges, floating into her grasp. She stepped her way toward Greygate, looking about for her Sorenvik charges to read the day's entertainment.
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    It was reported that Cottona das Praias was reading the papers in the restroom, loudly enough that she could be heard narrating its contents to nobody but herself. Cottona manages a giggle, a "hoo, hoo!" followed by a monologue characteristic of bored grandmothers finding entertainment in talking to themselves.

    "Kids are such bullies these days... Look!"

    After a prolonged moment of silence, a terrifying realization set in for the old sweetheart. Her wilted hand, which had reached for the tissue paper, had found none. Cottona cleared her throat and looked back down at the paper.
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