A Declaration Of Intent.

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    Through whispers heard from overeager lips, & a notice rapidly being copied & shared around several circles, one may find what seems to be a formal letter. It, written in neat & orderly lettering with the original bearing a crimson wax seal, reads:

    "To the Grand Duke Abelhart Petrou,

    Once again, you bring insult onto my name, claiming that I am a criminal with no proof of it; my honor meaningless, & so, nonexistent. This, besides being disingenuous, has cost me my reputation & position for serving Regalia not once, but 3 times as of yet. As you have challenged my honor, I will challenge yours in turn. A good while back, I heard that honor duels were possible at the All Faith arena, & so I extend this challenge to you. Of course, a noble of your standing should be honorable enough to accept this, no? Especially considering how many likely look up to you for inspiration, how would it reflect on you if you were too cowardly to take this challenge. Now, if you would come forward & tell me the crime(s) you accuse me of, instead of playing the ever-childish game of playing the aggressor who hits the alcohol a little too hard when feeling just a slight bit of doubt about Unionism, then perhaps it might not have escalated to this level. Then again, who am I to judge? Religion is a rather complicated field, one that I have little experience in; one that judgement is not required in, as you have proven your faith before. Now, it is not unlikely that the ‘crime’ you accuse me of is purely just the case of Sanguinism. Of course, this IS currently illegal, but why turn aside a blade being offered for use when it may save lives more… Valuable? And when something like this is controlled, & controllable, then little is truly wrong. After all, a veteran is worth more in a war than a fresh sprog who hasn’t learned how to fight quite yet. But, to the point at hand, the challenge is quite open to you, Grand Duke. Let us see if an ‘accursed Sanguine’ is truly less honorable than one of your rank, or if something is amiss in such a teaching. Or will we find out that one as well-placed as yourself is truly just a coward at heart, sending good men to do tasks that you yourself would find below your inflated ego?

    Awaiting an answer,

    Felsin‌ ‌Kretch‌ ‌Ol’‌ ‌Neras‌ ‌Lokril‌."

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    August 14th of The Year 309 AC


    I rarely respond to the inquiries of the vampiric scum of this city, but I am in a more humorsome mood and need some entertainment from time to time. I will not be giving an answer to this 'challenge' to my honor, for several reasons. Foremost and chiefly, you are subhuman for your vampiric curse. Secondly, you are a commoner and do not meet the qualifications or importance for a duel. Third, I am a priest, and I do not engage personally in the act of bloodsport, despite my former martial prowess which has now decayed as a result of my station. Lastly, you are incredibly lucky that I did not have you executed after a swift court marshal for attempted espionage on the Regalian Military as a Vampire, which in hindsight, I should have, but we had no guards on site at the moment. And as a little cherry on top, I find it in poor taste to fight people who cannot even spell a name correctly.
    Kindly, His Divinity, Abelhard Petrou,
    Grand Duke of Tessoliki
    Grand Duke of Therma
    Division Admiral of the Imperial Armadas
    Master of Records of The Violet Order
    Overseer of The Citadel of Proagogi
    Horselord Of The South
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