A Crimson Letter; The Beginning Of An Order

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    The Letter is written in crimson ink, gently tacked to the Crookback, Oldtown, and Sewer Noticeboards.

    Greetings denizens of the dark, dwellers of the undercity, kin, friends, and allies.

    My name is Adelias Callis, Knight of the Bloodcast Order, Wutienda Champion of the now gone Technocratic Collective, and founder of The Crimson Order. I inscribe these words for a single purpose, to educate those who would blindly label me as another war-mongering Coven Leader whilst turning a blind eye to the moral compass I use to navigate the endless forest of life.

    The Crimson Order, as it shall be known, is indeed a coven. A home to those who have been displaced by the recent falls of the Covens of old; and who carry inside themselves a shred of morality. For you see, I refuse to associate myself with the label of "Leech". With the pitiful, insulting, careless mockery of Society that those too ignorant to delve into my culture portray my kin and I as following. I'm a Knight, raised on the practice of maintaining the edge of both my steel, and my manners; and I will not have those who associate themselves with me be insulted in such ways.

    No, my order is born of the code I have laid out for myself from my youth. To protect those deserving and unable to do so themselves. To harbor the ways of old, to educate those lost about their path. To spread the gift only to those deserving of such power. To raise the standard of the Sanguine, recover the bar that seems to have been left on the cold ground upon which so many of us are forced to sleep.

    The Order is built from those who endure. Who bruised, but never broke. Who saw the gritty reality behind the lies that are spread from the ignorant and morally corrupt, and sought to make it better. Those who have a disdain for causing mayhem and chaos just to inflict pain, and know when diplomacy is valuable. Aye, we may be soldiers. But we can be more than just faceless, cruel beings that parents use to scare their chilren into behaving.

    We seek to be better.

    In that lies my goal. To restore the glory to my bloodline, to offer a place for my kin to find refuge and solace. To educate those willing to learn, to entertain those who are curious, and to defend our allies from those who are no better than the monsters they claim us to be.

    Criticize me if you may, for I know there are those who will never agree. I welcome you to formulate your own opinion, for it is the freedom of thought and expression that our gift blesses us with. But for those who are curious. Those who hear the call of the horn, and the ringing of hammers. Those who seek a sense of belonging to something greater, my halls are open.

    For if we are doomed to suffer, than we shall suffer well.

    - Adelias Callis, The Crimson Shield.

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    The once coven leader, Rhys Sagh would take his final walk alongside Crookback. Stopping amongst the notice board to see the signature of his champion. He read through it all, eyes flickering at each word until he stopped. Swallowing in thought, The Upyr would just mutter.

    “Please, continue what I have created Adelias. You’re the only one I can trust with my goal.”

    From then on, Rhys would flip forth the red hood and the metal mask, walking outside of Crookback to board the ship to the shores of Daendroque.
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