A Council By Proxy

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    <!> This notice would be to the public eye, though its target audience knows exactly who they are.

    For months you have hidden behind a mask of unity, a mask of peace and clarity which has yet to be unraveled. I have located the string, and I’m pulling it now.

    Stop lying to the public. You sit upon thrones built by ghosts, with a needless council that hides behind the good name of soldiers who simply chose who they wanted to be. You don’t have the right to represent a people you don’t know.

    I’m putting my foot down to say that this needless acting must come to an end. Stop pretending we’re unified, stop pretending we have some hierarchical advantage with a looming council and noble soldiers. We are people, humans, who only have one thing in common, and that is that the judgment of death failed to count our sins against us on the day of reckoning. We don’t have a leader, we don’t have a population, we’re just people. Follow the Matron, worship at the temple, help your fellow Archbloods, but don’t hide behind grandiose ideas of a mighty army unless you decide to actually implement that today. I’m open to ideas of unity when they’re built upon our own truths, and not the superiority complex of liars and crumbling deceit.

    The Archblood Council doesn’t exist. Stop pretending it does.

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    Filth, after attempting to read the announcement a couple of times finally gets the gists of it, pulls her shoulders into a shrug uttering only two words; "Pretty much"
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    Layla~ After studying over the announcement she sighed. Only to say, "A throne built by ghost? we sit on no thrones, nor put ourselves higher than anyone else. What we do is to protect and help with any archbloods that have problems. I guess many people wouldn't see or know that because we are quick in the act to clean up any problems. Yes, we might not know everyone that we represent but there is always a way to change that."
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    “One who retains free will…surprising perhaps not all the archbloods have accepted the dragon’s tyranny. Yet the ultimate fact is this curse binds me in chains. Wether council, king, or whatever the archbloods desire to pretend we are the fact is we’re slaves.”

    The archblood sighs looking to the list of choices he’d fashioned.

    “I will not be bound again, If I am to be a forced servant. I will not let it be to the creatures who cursed me, who ordered me to be grateful for living.”
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