3rd Year Sorting Hat Song (massivecraft)

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    A thousand years or more ago
    When I was newly forged,
    There lived four nobles of renown,
    Whose names are still well known:

    Bold Coen, from wild Galloway,
    Fair Ailemer, from Letaite,
    Kind Holaharice, from Orn,
    Shrewd D'eluise, from Montrelet.

    They shared a wish, a hope, a dream,
    They hatched a daring plan
    To educate young nobles
    Thus Noble View School began.

    Now each of these four founders
    Formed their own house, for each
    Did value different virtues
    In the ones they had to teach.

    By Coen, the bravest were
    Prized far beyond the rest;
    For Ailemer, the cleverest
    Would always be the best;

    For Holaharice, hard workers were
    Most worthy of admission;
    And power-hungry D'eluise
    Loved those of great ambition.

    While still alive they did divide
    Their favourites from the throng,
    Yet how to pick the worthy ones
    When they were dead and gone?

    Twas Gryffindor who found the way,
    He whipped me off his head
    The founders mages put some brains in me
    So I could choose instead!

    Now put me on your head,
    I've never yet been wrong,
    I'll have a look inside your mind
    And tell where you belong!

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