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    Another news reel update.

    • On Regalian Rental Properties:
      • Areashop data was transferred from a certain backup. This backup occurred somewhere after the reset announcement, so the data is relatively old, but also up-to date to the best possible scenario.
      • What this means for people who already had a house, is that they will also have the house rented on the "New Massive" as long as their rental did not expire between the 12th and 25th of July. Any rentals that expired in that time frame are currently unrented.
      • If however someone's rent extended beyond those dates, they will find their property is still rented in Regalia when the server goes live.
      • If anyone rented beyond the month of August, they may find we have cut all rental dates down to the 31st of August. This was purely because we feel this needs to be an actual proper reset, and people who paid with old regals shouldn't benefit from a year's worth of rent paid up front for their "New Massive" property.
      • All rental properties in the entire city are set to 80 Regals per month. All rules to limit how many houses a player may own have provisionally been lifted, though a hard cap of max properties is still in the configuration of the plugin, I believe it is currently at 3, but we may set it to 4.
    • On the matter of Regals:
      • There will be no "Starting Regals" on the server, largely to combat alt inflation as well as non participation of new players in the economy.
      • Voting is set to 3 Regals per vote. That means by voting 4 times a day, you receive 12 Regals per day, plus a Voting Crate Key.
      • Since the price of housing in Regalia is set at 80 Regals a month, if a player who has no other income of Regals exists on the server purely to roleplay in Regalia, they are able to afford a house rent for a month after a week of voting.
      • Additional Regal income is generated by killing mobs. (list below, give or take)
        • Every 10 zombies is 1 Regal
        • Every 5 Skeletons is 1 Regal
        • Every 5 Silverfish is 1 Regal
        • Every 5 witches is 1 Regal
        • Every 5 Spiders is 1 Regal
        • Every 3.3 Creepers is 1 Regal
        • Every 2 Endermen is 1 Regal
      • Now you might add that Regals thus seem really hard to get, and this is quite intentional. We expect early trade to very minimal if non existent while all factions are setting up, and whatever trade does occur, will likely be barter for resources. Some basic resources are more available in some biomes than others. Barter will likely be the foundation of trade early on, as other players slowly get more Regals and Regals become worth less the more there are in the economy.
    • On the matter of Factions:
      • We will be enforcing a single base claim per Faction rule. This means no snake claims, no separated claims, no claimed raid bases, nor any form of other disconnected claims from the main claim chunk in which the /f home is. This also extends to Alt factions that purely exist to achieve the same goal, with the sole exception of an Alt Faction used to create a Darkroom. Darkroom Alt factions are permitted.
      • FactionTax is not a plugin that is even installed on the server right now. No tax will be levied on any factions for probably at least an IRL year, and after that point we will re-assess how the economy has developed.
      • MassiveRestore is not a plugin that is even installed on the server right now. WorldEdit has its own snapshot //restore feature, so we will be making use of that instead.
      • Factions will cost 0 Regals in the first setup period, which will likely be around 2 weeks after launch. Prices will go exponentially up after this period, so that at all times, the price ensures that new players on the server will in 98% of the cases be forced to join existing factions, though it is feasible to live outside of a faction just with Massivelocks since MassiveRestore is not on the server.
      • Massive will enforce its own thematic build style, I.E the medieval build style of effort. This means that giant cobble boxes, roofed based, flying bases, sci-fi bases, or bases which are meant to be meme representations of real life or fictional things, are not going to be permitted. We want players to have the urge to travel and see new things, not walk into giant ugly things.
      • Some rules will be modified to reflect the new reality of the above.
    • On the matter of Roleplay
      • Nothing to report... everything will continue as it was the day before the reset.
    • On the matter of other Server Stuff
      • FAWE, the expansion on World Edit, is behaving beautifully. We have been able to run 57 million block operations with no lag spikes, meaning that server crashes or time-outs caused by Worldedit are a thing of the past.
      • Inventories are now managed by an out of house plugin that separates them per world, and even separates creative and survival inventories inside survival worlds.
      • We are modifying the Staff Codex to reflect more modern standards as well as getting rid of some archaic concepts that were enforced by the old owner of Massive. Roleplayers might see some increased liberty in terms of freedom towards how gritty they want their roleplay to be, and staff members will hopefully become less shut-off to the player base as some limitations on speech freedom are lifted.
      • A new MassiveLegal document will have to be created and people who contribute art or literary content to the server (including staff members in general) will all have to sign the new legal agreement.
      • Custom crafting recipes currently exist for:
        • webs
        • chainmail armor sets (cheaper than iron)
        • saddles
        • chorus fruits
        • varieties of stonebrick (not a rotation crafting, it actually costs something now)
        • sponge (wet sponge can be furnaced in a furnace to dry it)
        • netherwarts
        • horse armor sets
        • ink
        • ghast tears
        • blaze rods
        • beacons
        • dead bushes
        • tags
        • elytra
      • Custom recipes still to be made:
        • lilypad
        • reeds
      • The custom crafting recipes above do not spawn naturally in the world, and thus rely on a custom crafting recipe. The prices are balanced for early game production, and will likely scale up as factions become richer and Regals become more readily available. We currently do not have a wool/clay color switching plugin, and that is intentional. We believe these methods destroyed the clay and wool markets, and would like the colored material markets to remain alive.
      • Massive's old Shop plugin MassiveLock is supplemented with Crazy Auctions, a plugin that allows Gui based (no cancerous chat based Auction spam) where players can see the items in a chestgui visually. There will be a limit set to the amount of actions a player can make, to ensure that the Auction House doesn't get spammed to death with items that will never be sold, as the Gui interface does have limitations. That being said, we intend for the economy to both make use of the Auction house for important and rare item sales, while regular items should just be sold in MassiveLock shops, with the Forums Marketplace or the in game Trade chat used to advertise shop locations and sales.
      • Custom crafting recipes currently do not exist for potions, meaning that by survival alone, potion crafting is not possible without a brewing stand (though MCMMO may have some different settings) These may be pending to change after release. We expect the PVP Think Tank to help in deciding on meaningful changes to the Survival & PVP experience in the weeks following release.
    • Other Map Info:
      • The map on the server is final as-is now and the spawn has been built.
      • Every ore is available in the ground level of the map, there are no caves however.
      • Quartz ore spawns naturally at iron ore level with the same frequency of gold.
      • Lava pockets spawn naturally at gold ore level with the same frequency of diamond.
      • There are no spawners anywhere on the map.
      • Ghasts and blazes do not spawn, but their drops are craftable.
      • Zombie pigmen and magma slimes do not spawn, but their drops are craftable.
      • Slimes only spawn in the swamp biome, which is the lower left corner of the map. Slime trade is expected to be valuable.
      • Glowstone naturally spawns in the coral reefs in the ocean, where end-stone, some sponge, prismarine of all varieties and soul sand also spawn. Glowstone is expected to be very valuable due to its limited supply.
      • Clay spawns naturally underwater around the south and west oceans, as well as around 50 block layer lakes in-land. Clay is plenty, but usually more difficult to acquire because it spawns in large clumps only far out in the ocean.
      • Soulsand and Netherrack are freely available from the Ashplains, as are all kinds of mushroom blocks and end stone and glowstone.
      • All kinds of flowers and plantable plants including pumpkins and melons spawn naturally in the pink fairy forest.
      • Cactus spawn naturally in the desert.
      • The map has a wild variety of all stones and log types as well as some hardened clay and dark and light gray concrete powder used to color the mountains. Darker powder is mostly found in the north in the Taiga.
      • Ice is difficult to get but not impossible. The Taiga, when snowing, causes the ocean to freeze, which forms ice. This ice can be harvested and crafted into packed ice.
      • Snowbiomes are very rare, but can be found in the higher altitudes of the Taiga biome. The ground is solid stone with a thin layer of frost (so no more snow floor layers)
      • The map has tree leaf decay turned on by default, but disabled by region power. This is done because we didn't want to make a decision for the players before they had a chance to experience the map.
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by MonMarty, Jul 23, 2018.

    1. aprader1
      Well I guess I am making a faction. Those slimes are mine!
    2. CnocBride
      Great work by all the team! The player base must also be thanked for their continuing support :)
    3. TheBioverse
      Will normal Rent Regions in Regalia keep their decorations, or will that be wiped?
    4. MonMarty
      All decorations are kept, except for droppers and hoppers which are turned into Cobblestone blocks.

      EDIT: Also, gold blocks, emerald blocks & diamond blocks inside houses reverted to simple concrete blocks.
    5. MokeDuck
      @MonMarty packed ice isn't craftable. You will need to make another custom recipe for it.
    6. derpadillo
    7. MonMarty
      It's a crafting recipe. Just forgot to mention it.
    8. MokeDuck
      10/10. That should be in the vanilla game anyways. Nice!
    9. FireFan96
      On the subject of flying bases, I assume well designed airships and the like are still permitted?
    10. Mecharic
      @MonMarty - sorry if this was mentioned, but will people have access to /bp still, or has that been removed?
    11. Sir_Daragon
      So for alt faction, what about vaults? Like yea drs are fine and the rule is to redice people from abusing faction claims and all. But cause we have alts( since you didnt specify and seem to not like when i find loopholes)
    12. MonMarty
      I think so. In fact I believe premium get a bigger backpack. Apparently it's EULA compliant if you offer a base feature to every player, but an expanded version of that feature to Premium.
    13. Mecharic
      I'd also like to know if Vaults are allowed, but beyond that, can alt factions be used to claim territory in/next to a main faction claim? For example, to give people access to farmland without having mobs spawn on it and without giving each player /f access.
    14. Mecharic
      Oooh, me like the shiny! Good to know :)
    15. derpadillo
      @MonMarty I get the sense from the timing of the release that the server will be available around 11 PM GMT +1 and after a period lasting up to one hour Esslonia will be available. Is that correct?
    16. T3rrabyte
      Can't wait to start playing again!
    17. Mojavens
      Thats what we are shooting for if no bugs get in the way.
    18. G0atfather
      gritty roleplay you say? hells yeah.
    19. ThonZa
      Btw how do we reclaim our double chest of stuff when the server opens?
    20. ZiHAMMER
      Mcmmo drops.
    21. Wolfine21
      I'm anxious to know too
    22. DragonQueen23
      I was thinking the same thing. If vaults were allowed and If steampunkish medival like builds are allowed? or are we fully restricted to just medival builds.
    23. Lyee
      Lovely post- Can't wait.
    24. Rakeo
    25. SpunSugar
      Much like how you placed the stuff in, staff will try and be available the first week or so to give you your stuff back. After that, you can simply make a ticket and staff will try to help you ASAP.
    26. Reinir
      When will premium be available for purchase? Is there a date set?
    27. Deetrip
      How close can factions be to each other? Will neighbors be shooting arrows into my privy?
    28. Omnomivore
      Faction distance will still be dictated by the Factions plugin. Aka if you have claimnear on, factions can claim right next to your claims. If you have claimnear off, then the factions plugin won't let anyone claim within (10 chunks?) of you.
    29. EpicAidan1
      Will armour be dropped on death?
    30. 65jes89

      join sunkiss nerd
    31. Bleeep
      So factions can only create one city? I suppose that makes sense since we're on one map, but I'm just making sure.
    32. 65jes89
    33. EpicAidan1
      Yall are gonna disband in a month though :/
    34. Gumee
      I’ve missed this among the update posts. When New Massive goes live, will the old IP redirect there? Or will there be a new one?
    35. MonMarty
      The old Ip will redirect.
    36. spacegravity4me
      So what you are saying is that I can't have a base on one side of the map and then have a small, 16x16 on the other side of the map? It all has to be in the same place??
    37. DanyWood
      Pretty sure that is what it says in the text
    38. 65jes89
    39. spacegravity4me
      Well I don't care for that at all... I've supported the reset and everything but this actually makes me pretty mad. I get it's one map but this just stifles creativity. I don't like to put all my stuff in one place. Not that that matters I guess. Thanks for the info. Guess I'll just build a massive SCIENCE FICTION THEMED BASE underground.

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