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    Hello everyone whom is reading this guide. I will make this a simply guide. There has been a quest chain on gaining some 1.17 items inside /tp essa. As seen inside this thread here: https://forums.massivecraft.com/threads/1-17-block-quests.99876/

    What you need for this quest chain to make it easier in the long run:
    - Food to run around.
    - 1 Wooden Pickaxe, 1 Stone Pickaxe, 1 Gold Pickaxe and 1 Iron Pickaxe inside your inventory.
    - Inventory space.
    - Dwarf Race for the immunity to debuffs.

    Quest Cool down List:
    Deepslate - No Cool down. Can do it infinite times.
    Tuff & Calcite - No Cool down. Can do it infinite times.
    Dripstone - 22 Hour Cool down. Can do it once every 22 hours.
    Copper Ore & Budding Amethyst - 10 Minute Cool down. Can do it every 10 minutes.

    Side note: you can get poisoned on the off chance from these quests. Bring extra food or become a dwarf.

    Step one: Head to /tp essa and go outside the south gate entrance. Follow the path south until you find a oak sign. Follow the directions in which it says on the sign. If you somehow get lost along the way, the coordinates are 2966, 67, 3130 and talk to George Nordwood.


    Step two: Head behind George and head down into the mining pit. Use the wooden path and head down to get to the Deepslate area of the mine. Head inside and right click the item frame until you get 20/20 while wielding the wooden pickaxe in hand. You can hold this down and skip all the dialogue if you wish which pops up in your chat. Head back up, and talk to George Nordwood.

    Step 3) He will ask you to head to the Foundry. The Foundry can be found by following the sign saying Foundry ---> or by looking at these coordinates here: 2945, 69, 3091. Head inside and right click the sign Deposit Deepslate. Once it has deposited the Deepslate, it will then give you a stack of Deepslate automatically inside your inventory. You will be alerted that George Nordwood would like more assistance. Go back and ask what he'd like assistance with.

    Step 4) He asks you to gather some Tuff and Calcite, go back down into the mine with a stone pickaxe in your hand and right click the item frame with the stone pickaxe. Spam right click on the item frame and return to George Nordwood once you've got the 20/20 on both Tuff and Calcite. He will ask you to head to foundry and deposit them both in the appropriate signs. You will get a stack of each Tuff and Calcite. Return to George Nordwood.

    Step 5) He now wants pointed dripstone. Head back down into the hole for the dripstone area with an iron pickaxe in your hand. Hold right click on the item frame with the iron pickaxe on it and gather 20/20. Return to George Nordwood. Head to the foundry to then deposit these into it. You will then be awarded 4 Dripstone. Has a cooldown of 22 hours until more can be done. Head back to George Nordwood for more.

    Step 6) He now wants Copper and Amethyst. Head back into the hole with a Gold pickaxe in hand. Right click both copper and Amethyst's until you get 20/20. Head back up and talk to George Nordwood. Go to the Foundry to then deposit the materials off. You will get 64 copper ore and 1 Budding Amethyst from this. This has a 10 minute cooldown on it, then you can do it again.

    Hope you enjoy the quest, and I hope this guide helps whomever might be stuck.
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