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    Hey all. 1.13 has been in development for far too long, but the last few weeks have seen enough progress that we wanted to share just some of the Tech work that’s been done. This post will not include a release date, but we hope it clarifies some of the larger issues our very much understaffed Tech department has been trying to deal with. As a reminder, if you know anyone who would be interested in assisting our Department, please encourage them to send in an application here, or to get in contact with me personally via a forum pm, or my discord at LumosJared#9185.

    Thanks very much.

    The 1.13 Update is nearing its final stages. As a result, we feel it's prudent to share the following news. Today, the 1.13 Test Server launched and the entire Common Meeting was spent attempting to break it. It took us a while to find any bugs at all, but we have encountered a few minor problems that are being worked on as I type this. Testing will carry on this weekend and into next week, but for all intents and purposes. Every single Massive plugin has been updated to 1.13, including the return of the Vampire plugin for 1.13. We are very happy to announce this, and a slew of other changes on both the Survival and Game side (along with a new water-themed world) will be released along with the 1.13 update. We will share more this week as we learn more.

    Finally, CS_Birb's full Tech Report below is a sample of the particulars that have been worked on just this week. We hope glancing through it conveys just how hard we are working to get all this done, and how appreciate we are of the community for its patience. We will not rush this update, we don't want our worlds blowing up. But we are eager to get on the newly updated server with you all within a few weeks.

    Then, the work can begin toward 1.14 and 1.15. They will come a lot sooner, thanks to the tireless framework our Tech staff have built these past months.
    • Monday - 2 points
      • Setup the 1.13 Issue-reporting thread in the Staff Discord - Not permanent, more functional issue trackers are WIP. - 0.5 points
      • Assorted Bug Testing - 1.5 points

      Tuesday - 2 points
      • Investigation of Glitch with MassiveShop product activation - 1 point
      • Hopper Timing Tweaks - 1 points

      Wednesday - 8 points
      • Fixed MassiveCombat's EngineDurability - 2 points
      • Looked into Collision handling for MassiveCombat (and alternatives to) to unlink MassiveCombat from the Scoreboard teams - 2 points
      • Further work towards improved availability of Scoreboard teams (I.e. for minigames) - 4 points

      Thursday - 5 points
      • Automated Quest Ruline Migration - 5 points

      Friday - 0 points
      Home late, so no points for Friday.

      Saturday - 14 points
      • MassiveWhat build and install on Test Server - 1 point
      • WorldEdit 1.13 Permission Investigation and Fixes - 3 points
      • Manual CratesPlus Migration - 5 points ( Yes, it took that fucking long... D: )
      • Fixed for HolographicDisplay, CratesPlus and Sharding's load order - 1 point
      • Fixes for MassiveBasic place permissions & Buckets of Fish - 2 points
      • Investigation of odd (False Alarm) cleanup behaviour with MassiveSharding player records - 2 points

      Sunday - 11 points
      • Fixing issues with the new WorldEdit perms - 1 point (Woops)
      • Internal Teambuilding Event - 1 point
      • AdvancedFood migration - 2 points
      • Began CustomRecipes Migration. Stopped after first as it's a time-consuming pain in the arse - 1 point
      • Creation, Configuration, and preliminary testing of S2 and S3 test shards for 1.13 - 4 points
      • Fixes for EnginePotionSplit and Creative - 1 point (Cause still not completely understood)
      • Fixes for MassiveLock particle colours - 1 point
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by LumosJared, Jan 13, 2020.

    1. CS_Birb
      A good 40 hours towards 1.13 this week, on top of 37 hours at work.
      What is sleep?

      Also, continuing Jared's sentiments at the top of the post, If anyone is intrigued by the work we do and would like to know more or enquire about what's involved - feel free to flick me a message here or in Discord.
      My Inbox is always open.
    2. MokeDuck
      Any news about hiring outside coders?
    3. MonMarty
      I paid money to an outside coder in October. Communication ceased in December. We demanded the money back, which we did get, but only 3 days before the 90 days of Paypal buyer's protection wore off. Needless to say, I'm pretty stumped. The coder was very promising and a big name, but didn't complete what one of our own players managed to do in a matter of days. I'm very hesitant to trust coders externally again in the future, and while we've closed up the idea of letting them update our in-house plugins, I am still willing to buy external coders when it comes to new plugins. I just don't really have good experience with them over the past 10 years.
    4. Vehlir Velas
      Vehlir Velas
      Awesome stuff, appreciate the update!

      Can't wait to hear more about all the changes & especially the new Water world! As someone who absolutely loves Islands, I'm almost as excited for that as the actual update itself!

      Thanks for all the hard work everyone!
    5. Luxus07
      BIG respect man.
    6. Jalapeno690
      Was this for the vampire plug in???
    7. MonMarty
      Yes. @Julu8 managed to get it to compile for 1.13 within days while we had to wait for weeks for this coder to reply. We're going to try to update it internally.
    8. 65jes89
      ay hire me tho
    9. Mojaven
      I'm so excited to join back on massivecraft once this is released! I'm really looking forward to new stuff :)
    10. Xolvemir Dyrnos
      Xolvemir Dyrnos
      Does this mean we'll get to see head drops return?
    11. EricKilla
      Looking forward to this.
    12. TakeDown__
      Woo! go @Julu8
    13. Jalapeno690
      Never forget the loughall martyrs
    14. Jalapeno690
      A massivecraft legend!
    15. JResurrected

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