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    1.13 Update Arrives!

    This weekend the 1.13 update hits MassiveCraft! This long-awaited update comes with plenty of new features for everyone to enjoy! Let’s get right what into what to expect!

    When? Our tech team plans to implement 1.13 beginning Friday night, January 24th and into the following morning. While we’ll aim to miss peak hours, we want to make sure everything is working and correct as fast as possible. Announcements will be made in all discords, IG, and on our forums when tech expects to take the server offline for players, and when it will be back up again.

    What? Included with the update will be a few new additions.

    • The Vampire Plugin returns!

    • Chat Cooldowns will be lowered!

    • Resource pack update!

    • New Market!

    • New Custom Recipes to craft 1.13 blocks!

    • MythicMobs! New mobs in all survival worlds! This addition will be ever evolving as the weeks go on!

    • Additions to RPG foods - Supremium feature!

    • Additions to DecoHeads - Supremium feature!

    • New survival map! (Coming within a week after the update.)

    • New faction claiming rules - you can now have multiple claims for your faction!

    Where? We’ll be updating the forums and websites as fast as we can to give you as much reference material as possible in regards to the new features. Holding off on the new survival world for a few days gives everyone a bit of time to check out the new world on dynmap before they run for claims.

    Why? Not why are we updating, but why did it take so long? MassiveCraft functions on a suite of plugins developed by Cayorion. It is a part of our identity and who we are as a server. With that came difficulties with this particular update, as there was no other way to update our plugins except one line of code at a time. For that, we want to thank our excellent tech team for getting us over this *massive* hurdle! In order to ensure that we wouldn’t have to contend with things like Trunk Storage or similar, it’s taken a long time to make sure that migration would not be an issue for anyone in our community.

    How? You just sit back and relax, letting our staff do all the work from updating. We’ve tried to break as many things as possible on our test server, but like always, please report any bugs you happen to find by making a ticket!

    What’s to Come? Trait reworks, the Races plugin, more specialty mobs, dungeons with buildable skills, and more!

    Please make sure to pay attention to MassiveCraft Discords, as we will be updating them as we implement this update!
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