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    Video, pixelart animation, and edits created by @PapidaPumpkin
    Music - Kevin MacLeod - Pixelland ♫ NO COPYRIGHT 8-bit Music

    The Traveling Talisman is an encounter store ran by Ollie Ahhutel, an Aldor dwarf who specializes in jewelry and gemstones. Its only capital is a stable with one Pony named "Spot" and a small Dwarven wagon which serves as both the homage of Ollie, and the store itself.

    From left to right:
    1. Gold ring with aquamarine gemstone
    2. Shimmering emerald
    3. Bronze bolt ring
    4. Unionist ring of tumbaga/rose gold (Copper and gold alloy)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]


    All shown items must be purchased in character through encounter roleplay. Once purchased, they can be added to a characters inventory section. See spoiler for size reference and example.

    The Attached image is just an example to show off the size of the gifs and images under the inventory section. To add them, retrieve the Imgur link via my discord @PapidaPumpkin#6921 and add .gif at the end of the link after using the "insert media" tool on the forums. You can also save the images directly from this thread and add them to your char app.

    The descriptions and or format are not required and are up to the player on how they are worded or how the section is formatted. All that is required is a small note in some shape or form that gives credit to me. This can be sized in smaller font for sake of appeal and looks.​


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