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    We retell tales with the images on our skin.
    Originally established in Spring of 306 AC, during the first initial appearance of the Kaeppler family, Imperial Inks was originally called Imperial Aussehen but has since been rebranded. A shop that had been passed over to Sera Theresia Kaeppler, of the Viridian Order, by a dear friend when said friend left Regalia to view greener pastures, Imperial Inks seeks to serve the citizens of the Holy City by offering them a place to purchase fine and wonderful smelling oils and lotions as well as to decorate their skin with beautiful pieces of work designed and personalized by Sera Kaeppler.

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    Imperial Inks offers many services and products to purchase. Samples are available, merely ask.

    Vials: 5r; Bottles: 10r; Jars: 15r

    ☼Coconut Oil: Certainly one of the best oils to refresh one’s dry skin after such a harsh winter.
    ☼Honeysuckle and Grapefruit Oil: A rather odd combination but certainly assist those who are keen to getting sickly easily. Excellent for combating those pesky headaches!
    ☼Almond Oil: Excellent for those who have gentle and soft skin.
    ☼Rosehip Oil: A wonderful oil to help that wrinkly and tired skin.
    ☼Rosemary Oil: Similar to the Rosehip oil, excellent for refreshing the skin.
    ☼Strawberry and Rose Oil: An oil used to help higher your chances in perhaps romancing that special man of your choosing.
    ☼Cedar Pine Oil: Used to help men attract that special lady they love.
    ☼Knight’s Grace Oil: A vanilla scent mixed with spices to add some extra flare much like a sword's sharp edge.
    ☼Divine Ursa: A lavender and rose smelling oil that is often reminding one of a meadow hidden within a vast forest.
    Looking for something in particular, but not on this list or in stock, ask and we’ll see what we can do!

    Vials 5r; Jars: 10r; Bottles: 15r
    Special: Buy two jars of any of the Spring Specials, get a vial of Coconut Oil free!

    Spring Special Lotions:
    Sweetness of Spring; Peaches and Vanilla: A fine combination of delicious fruit and flavorful extract. Smells delightful and helps the skin.
    ☼Cherry Tart; Cherry and Almond: A little sharper and lighter scent, but wonderful for the skin after a nice bath.
    Sweetheart's Delight; Strawberry and Cocoa: A very sweet and heavenly scent; perfect for Sweetheart’s day.

    All Year Round Lotions:
    ☼Ithanian Mistake: The recommended oil-lotion combination for tattoo care.
    ☼Cocoa Butter Lotion: An excellent choice for those who have dry skin, as well as one of the recommended lotions to purchase after receiving a tattoo!
    ☼Plum and Jasmine: A divine combination of fruit and flower perfect for right after a bath.
    ☼Lavender Relaxation: A scent that helps relax people with any aches and pains or if you like the smell that helps too.
    ☼Rose Kiss: A lotion made as a gift for men to get their loved ones when they make them upset.
    ☼The Crystal Fox: This particular lotion is made with peonies and vanilla, a gentle sweet scent for those wanting something gentler on the skin.
    ☼Winter Ox: A gentle lotion that’s meant to help with coarse hands to smooth them out with a gentle pine scent mixed with something that can only be explained as a warm fireplace.
    ☼Ocean's Touch: A simple vanilla and cinnamon scented lotion that reminds one of something incredibly sweet, but with an underlining bite.
    Looking for a particular lotion and it’s not in stock? Put in an order and we’ll get you what you need.

    Care Packages:
    Personalized packages can be made but depending on who is making them, prices may vary.

    ☼Flower Delight: Typically this care package has a bottle of Coconut Oil, Rosehip, and Almond Oil along with a bottle of Lavender Relaxation and Rose Kiss lotion. Along with these, you get a bundle of flowers of the buyer's choice, a perfect gift for anyone if you forget an important date! 75r for this care package.
    ☼Lovers Bundle: Within this package, roses and tulips are added throughout it and you typically get a jar each of Strawberry and Rose oil and Cedar Pine oil along with a jar of coconut oil. In the lotion category, a bottle of Ithanian Mistake along with a choice of one of the seasonal lotion jars. Some buyers can also choose to add the Rose Kiss lotion to the package if they want to sweeten the deal. 50r for this care package.
    ☼Evening Care: Coconut, Almond, and Rosemary oil in vials meant to help with a way to unwind and enjoy alongside some wine and scented candles. Speaking of candles, tucked away in each evening care package is a floral based scented candle. A bottle of Plum and Jasmine lotion is tucked away in the package as well. 35r for this care package.
    ☼Military Package: Honeysuckle and Grapefruit, Rosemary oil, and your choice of either Lavender Relaxation or Cocoa Butter Lotion. This also comes with a candle made with jasmine and lavender smells to help calm one's nerves after serving. 30r for this care package.

    Prices typically vary on how large an assortment is, how many flowers, and if flowers need to be imported depending on the season. There are some pre-existing bouquets for those who don't wish to do a custom order.

    ☼Spring's Breath: Lilacs, snowdrops, hyacinths, and peonies of varying colors sit together wrapped in gentle blues and white papers tied with a green ribbon around the stem. Perfect arrangement for showing one's appreciation for the coming of spring and for displays of affection.
    ☼Lovers Delight: Red and pink tulips, pink peonies, red roses, and primroses together in a bouquet that means various degrees of affection and love. The perfect gift for a lover or for a budding crush. Typically wrapped in red paper with white hearts decorating it and wrapped together with a white ribbon around the stems.


    Depending upon the complexity of the design and general placement the price will vary. Asha tattoos are also possible at Imperial Inks! However, the price can be negotiated. Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are allowed! You can typically schedule appointments through Giverni who forwards requests to Theresia.
    (To schedule an appointment DM FeralGayWalnut OR Nesstro on the forums! Address your letters to Sera Theresia Kaeppler.)
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    Imperial Inks is located on the Main Street. Willowshop4!
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