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    Seriously. Follow the rules next time.

  2. 1

    Brave New World...

    You made an account and joined the Massivecraft forums! Thank you!

  3. 1


    You have been validated with your validating validation.

  4. 1

    Somebody Likes Me!

    You got a like. I wonder if they 'like like' you.

  5. 1

    Cayorion Fan Club!

    This is awarded to Cayorion's biggest fan! I love you Cayorion!

  6. 5

    Happy Cake Day!

    Happy Cake Day! Or pie! We won't judge what you pick since this is your birthday!

  7. 5

    First Words

    You earned points for telling people how you feel, or a song you like, maybe something cool you built... Either way you talked and we are proud of you.

  8. 5

    The Archdemon!

    Who would've known you were the Archdemon all along?

  9. 5

    The Archexist!

    The Goddess of the Nelfin stands before us!

  10. 10

    Some More Words

    I think you have this talking thing down rather well.

  11. 10


    Facebook meet forums. Forums meet Facebook.

  12. 10

    Hit The Ground Running

    Ten days in and you have ten posts and two likes. Keep up the good work!

  13. 10

    Book Worm

    You work on the Wikia. Good job you master of the Literary Arts.

  14. 10


    Team Speak, this is YOUR cupcake.

  15. 10

    Trophy Shelf

    You have 100 trophy points, enjoy 10 more!

  16. 10

    Mod Squad

    You are a moderator and get points just because.

  17. 10


    You made the trophy system. Wait, is this cheating?

  18. 10

    Professional Lurker


  19. 10

    Positive Person

    You have 10 positive votes. One point for each one you good person you.

  20. 10

    Chaotic Neutral

    You walk the line.

  21. 10

    Elder Scrolls

    Oh Elder. You have sharp wits, a keen intellect, and the ability to remove signs off chests. Guess which one people care about the most.

  22. 10

    I Built The Things

    You build, the big build. You build awesomely.

  23. 10

    Womanly Charm

    You know how to get what you want using nothing but your feminine abilities.

  24. 10

    Dapper Gentleman

    You used your powers of being dapper. Not sure what that is exactly.

  25. 15

    I'm Kind Of A Big Deal

    You have 25 likes. You're kind of popular!

  26. 15

    Forum Birthday

    You've been on the forums for 365 days and haven't been banned, huzzah!

  27. 20

    Speak Your Mind

    It seems you already have. Enjoy some points.

  28. 25


    You've been a member for 100 days. You have 100 posts and 10 likes. Excellent start!

  29. 30

    Social Butterfly

    People call you a shy person? Come on, they should see you on these forums.

  30. 30

    Cool Kids Club

    Fifty likes! I'm not cool enough to talk to you.

  31. 30

    Forum Birthday Platinum

    In one year since joining you have 200 posts, 25 likes, 10 positive votes, AND had a birthday somewhere in there. WHAT CAN'T YOU DO!?!?

  32. 35

    Super Secure

    Two-step-verification enabled. You've already stumped three would-be hackers.

  33. 40

    Social Commentary

    You've written enough to make a small book, maybe. I have no facts to back that up.

  34. 40


    You have a following, enjoy it.

  35. 50

    Master Level Wordsmith

    You are an artist. The keyboard your tool. The forums your canvas. Make your art.

  36. 50

    Forum Celebrity

    Can I get your autograph?